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Explaining the double TO

Posted by Chris Brown on September 26, 2010 – 10:33 pm

Near the end of the first half the Bills were not allowed to call a double timeout, but were not flagged for the infraction. It was similar to what the Dolphins did in Week 1 against the Bills. Head referee John Parry for Sunday’s game spoke to a Boston pool reporter to get an explanation as to exactly what happened on the double timeout sequence, and why Buffalo was not penalized.

There is no foul for calling a second timeout in the rulebook,” Parry said. “We shouldn’t have granted it. We shouldn’t have shut the play down. But, there is no penalty. There is no 5-yard penalty for what we did. [The procedure is to] get the players reset, the second time out is not allowed, resume play, which is what we did.

“It was actually an interesting play when you think of all of the things that led up to it. On third down we had a run play where we ruled a first down, so we have a running clock. Buffalo called their first timeout to stop the clock. Replay now gets involved because they want to review the spot to determine if it is a first down or [is] not a first down. Through replay, we ended up moving the ball back about a half-a-yard, to the 16-and-a-half [yard line], which now makes a fourth down, but because we didn’t change it to a stopped-clock scenario, Buffalo is still charged with the timeout that they called.

“They come up to the line of scrimmage and the play clock is moving down from 25. I don’t know exactly where it was, but it was close to zero, probably one, two or three seconds. I think a wide receiver turned to the wing official and asked for a timeout, which should not have been granted. What we do mechanically if that does happen, which it obviously did, we bring the players out, we reset play and we go.”

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