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QB Brown happy with recall

Posted by Chris Brown on September 29, 2010 – 12:58 pm

Bills QB Levi Brown is relatively pleased with his recall of the offensive system after being away from it for about three weeks.

“I was watching film Tuesday with Fitz and through the meetings and stuff today I remember all of it,” said Brown. “There are a couple of new terms in the meetings that I’ll have to figure out what those are. I know about 95 percent of it though.”

Brown will be the Bills’ scout team quarterback in the practice setting giving looks to the Bills starting defense to prepare them for their opponent each week. He’s good with that because he knows there’s value in that for him too.

“You get to work in the pocket and do stuff you don’t do when you’re just sitting there watching,” said Brown. “So even though it’s not our offense you’re still out there under live fire so it still helps.”

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