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Getting off blocks

Posted by Chris Brown on October 4, 2010 – 9:26 am

Talking to the Bills defenders after all that rushing yardage that was surrendered, the players chalked it up to not being physical enough.

ILB Paul Posluszny saw getting off blocks as a major issue.

“We’re lined up,” he said. “The coaches are putting us in the right spot. We have to get off a block and make a play, we have to come down a hill, hit a guy, get off a block, get to the ball carrier, tackle better. It’s not a scheme thing at all. We’re lined up in a great defense. We’re ready to stop the run, we’re lined up in the right places, and we’re running the right stuff. It’s us. We have to be more physical, we have to play better. Defensively, we just didn’t play well at all.”

Poz said the Jets predominantly ran just two different run plays for most of the game.

“The stretch play was one that they’d get around us on the edge a little bit,” he said. “The other one was an inside lead. They would start the ball one way and cut back the other (way). We have to make an adjustment and we did, defensively. It falls back on the players, we have to get off blocks and get to the ball. We know they have a big, strong offensive line and they like to run the ball. We have to own up and say if they’re going to try and come here and run like that, it’s our job, it’s the linebacker’s job, to get off blocks and make plays. That’s why I’m real disappointed in the way I played in particular. You know what’s coming- it’s the New York Jets, they’re going to run the ball. You have to do your job and do it well and make tackles.”

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