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Nix on Kelsay extension

Posted by Chris Brown on October 7, 2010 – 11:15 am

Bills GM Buddy Nix addressed the media on several topics concerning the Bills recent roster moves. One in particular was the extension that was given to veteran OLB Chris Kelsay. Here was Nix’s take as to why they wanted Kelsay as a part of the team’s future going forward.

“The thing you don’t want to do is take your core guys and your leaders out of your system,” said Nix. “We decided obviously that we’ve got four, five or six guys like that, they maybe are not great players, but good players that set the tone for what you want everybody else to be. Chris Kelsay is a good player. He’s exemplifies what we want players to do and how we want them to be. So that’s the reason he’s here.”

A forgotten part of what it’s going to take to turn around the Bills franchise is eliminating the culture of losing that exists in the locker room. In no way does any player in Buffalo’s locker room want to lose, but when a team loses games as much as Buffalo has it can become a self-fulfilling type thing. Even Nix said though players may not realize it, it can become an accepted thing.

“I don’t care whether you want to admit it or not, but losing gets to be a habit and it gets to be something you accept and we’re not going to do that,” Nix said. “We’re going to demand that we get the proper attention to (changing that culture). To be honest with you it’s the hardest thing you have to do.”

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