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Poz on draft classmates

Posted by Chris Brown on October 7, 2010 – 8:02 am

Paul Posluszny was a member of the Bills’ 2007 draft class, and seeing two members of that draft class depart over the past two weeks has made things feel a bit different in the locker room for him personally.

Poz and top pick Marshawn Lynch developed a friendship when they both trained at the same pre-draft training facility in Arizona. After they were drafted they joked about meeting in the hole for the first time in practice. Entering their second NFL seasons Lynch, Poz and Trent Edwards, the team’s top three picks in 2007 were all starters in key positions.

But Poz saw a different part of the business the past two weeks with Edwards’ released due in large part to performance and Lynch moved via trade to help strengthen the franchise with respect to the future. 

“It’s a tough situation,” said Posluszny. “I don’t know how to take it. It’s personal because those are the guys I came in with, we got drafted together, that class in 2007. It goes to show there’s a lot of turnover in the NFL and things can change in a hurry. We’ve got to concentrate on the day-to-day and concentrate on our work each day and go from there.

“We’ve all said this before. You’ve got to perform at a high level at all times because there’s a lot of turnover.”

With Lynch and Edwards gone, Posluszny is the last remaining member of the 2007 draft class on the roster.

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