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Nix on timing of Lynch trade

Posted by Chris Brown on October 7, 2010 – 11:20 am

Bills GM Buddy Nix was asked Thursday about the timing of the Marshawn Lynch trade and why it didn’t happen sooner, like during draft weekend. Nix didn’t believe the timing of the deal made a significant difference.

“At the time we weren’t sure where we were,” said Nix in reference to when they were being presented with trade offers by other teams in April. “When I said he’s not for trade, at that time he wasn’t so it never went past that. There’s no need in me trying to say we would’ve been better off to have done it then or now or whatever. I don’t understand what good it does to go through the summer or presesason with a draft pick in your pocket that you can’t use until April. Why not do it when we did it? It’s the same draft pick. It’s in our pocket and we can’t use it until April.”

When asked what changed their strong stance that they wanted Lynch on their roster Nix offered the following.

“To be honest with you as we started looking at it, as Chan said, three backs obviously when we kept him and went through camp and got two guys hurt in the first six plays of preseason it felt really good to have three backs. Now once we got them all healthy and they’re not getting the number of touches, then we decided it was time.”

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