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Pluses and minuses

Posted by Chris Brown on October 12, 2010 – 12:08 pm

Here’s a look at some of the Bills stats that have improved for the better and some that have tailed off thus far this season.

We decided to assess improvements and deficiencies from where they were prior to Week 3 (2 games played) to where they are now following Week 5 (last 3 games played).

We know this is less than an ideal sample size, but at least it provides an idea as to where the Bills performance is trending up and where it might not be as well.

The Bills have shown some of the most notable improvement in the following areas.

Total net yards per game (251 yards – up from 176)
–This is due to an increase of more than 54 ypg passing with Ryan Fitzpatrick in the lineup and an jump in almost 20 ypg rushing.

Yards per carry (4.8 – up from 3.6)
–Fitzpatrick’s scrambling vs. the Jets skews the numbers a bit, but Fred Jackson’s 5.0 ypc avg. thus far has bumped the figure up too.

Yards per attempt (7.0 – up from 4.63)
–Again Fitzpatrick’s willingness to push the ball down the field more has resulted in a 33 percent increase in yards per pass attempt in just three games.

Completion percentage (61.2 – up from 55.8)
–pretty straightforward

Passer rating (99.9 – up from 58.3)

Points per game (23.3 last 3 – up from 8.5 in first 2)
–That’s a difference of better than 2 TDs a game. It still hasn’t landed a win, but the offense is at least producing.

Defensively, third down conversion percentage allowed dropped slightly from 50% to 48.5%, but it still ranks 31st in the league.

Time of possession (25:02 – down from 26:06)

Rushing yards allowed (182.4 – up from 111.5)
–Going against Green Bay backups helped the earlier figure, and giving up 200-plus the last 3 weeks obviously did not.

Completion percentage allowed (68.4% – up from 63.5%)
–Though the pass defense has reduced passing yards given up per game by 10 yards, opponents are completing more passes. A lack of pass rush isn’t helping.

Time of possession allowed (34:58 – up from 33:54)
–The past three games have knocked the average of opponent possession time up almost a minute.

Opponent passer rating (114.8 – up from 94.5)

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