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Whitner bothered

Posted by Chris Brown on October 24, 2010 – 8:21 pm

Donte Whitner was lamenting the missed opportunities defensively the Bills had to make game-changing plays, especially after a game that was so close down to the very end.

“Me personally had a chance to break the game open and I dropped the interception, which can’t happen,” said Whitner. “We had another one where Reggie (Corner) in the end zone had an opportunity to get an interception. And there was another in the red zone when (Flacco) beat me on a touchdown and Byrd was there and had the opportunity to run through him or get the interception, but we didn’t make those plays.

“Those are plays we have to make if we want to be a winning football team. Still with all that we had an opportunity to win the game in overtime. The only thing that matters in the NFL is ‘W’s and ‘L’s. You can throw everything out the window, when it comes down to ‘W’s and ‘L’s  we had an opportunity late in the game, we didn’t capitalize on it and we’re going home with an ‘L’.”

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