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Where Maybin stands

Posted by Chris Brown on October 25, 2010 – 3:56 pm

After being inactive for the first time in his NFL career Sunday for a road game in his native Baltimore, some might be wondering if head coach Chan Gailey was sending the former first-round pick a message. Here was Gailey’s response when asked that very question.

“I don’t send messages,” said Gailey. “We play the people that we think are going to help us win. And we felt like those other two outside backers gave us a better chance especially on special teams to help us win the game.”

Gailey was referring to rookie sixth-round pick Arthur Moats, who has also seen time at Maybin’s former OLB position. And rookie free agent Antonio Coleman, who led the SEC in sacks at Auburn.

So what does Maybin have to do to be active on Sundays and get back on the field?
“He has to continue to improve his all around play and that includes special teams,” said Gailey. “And to be honest with you it gets harder and harder because this is game plan (time), it’s not going out and practicing to see who wins spots right now. If somebody doesn’t play well then you give him another chance. If somebody keeps playing well he might not get another chance right now. It just depends on how other people do.”

Gailey said that Maybin was less than thrilled last week when told he was going to be inactive for the Ravens game.

“He’s upset. He should be,” said Gailey. “I would expect him to be. He wasn’t happy when I told him and hopefully it’ll generate the next time he gets an opportunity, better production.”

Gailey denies that he and his staff has lost faith in Maybin.

“I think you’re wrong as a coach if you lose complete faith in a player,” he said. “I think every player goes through ups and downs and goes through the learning curve in certain defenses in certain situations.

“You’re wrong as a coach if you lose faith in a guy. You have to keep coaching them, which we’ll do. You keep trying to improve their play. You keep trying to get them to understand ways to get better for each and every individual that’s out there. If you lose complete faith in a player you’ll not have him around.”

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