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Chiefs ignoring 0-6 record

Posted by Chris Brown on October 27, 2010 – 3:19 pm

The Chiefs are not paying much mind to Buffalo’s winless 0-6 start this season. Just ask Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel.

“Records in this league mean nothing,” said Vrabel. “I was on a Patriots team that was 12-2 and playing a 2-12 Dolphins team and we didn’t have much of a chance in the second half down there. Records mean nothing in this league. We looked at that Bills film this morning and you look at the scores and you see how these guys are fighting. You see how the O-line was battling those guys in Baltimore. A physical team that we played last year. We understand how physical they are and the Bills played them as tough as anybody.”

The Chiefs at 4-2 have had a favorable schedule to this point with games against the Browns, 49ers, Jaguars and a down Chargers team. They’ve won the games they should, and though they likely see the Bills in much the same light, they don’t want to get caught napping like the Ravens did last week.

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