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Maybin on being inactive

Posted by Chris Brown on October 27, 2010 – 4:24 pm

Bills OLB Aaron Maybin was asked about the coaching decision to make him a healthy inactive player for last week’s game at Baltimore.

Maybin admitted he had a difficult time making sense of it, but understood the decision after he spoke with his head coach.

“I didn’t really know anything about it until it happened so it wasn’t really something I was expecting,” Maybin said. “So, I wasn’t really aware about why it was at first but we had an opportunity to talk a little bit later on where he kind of explained what his reasoning was for doing it.”

Maybin admitted he was frustrated by it especially with it happening in his hometown of Baltimore, and head coach Chan Gailey even stated on Monday that he would’ve expected him to be.

“That’s probably been the most frustrating experience since I’ve been here,” Maybin said. “But still it’s a tough spot that we’ve been in and that I’ve been in this whole year. We’ve had to deal with a whole lot of things that I wasn’t necessarily happy with and that the team wasn’t necessarily happy with, so it was frustrating. But we still have to move forward.”

Gailey has mentioned that special teams ability is why OLBs like Arthur Moats and Antonio Coleman were active on Sunday instead of him. Earlier in the season Maybin was on special teams, but that too has apparently changed.
“In the beginning of the year there were some teams that I was pretty heavily involved on and at this point things are a little bit different,” he said. “We’ve got some personnel now that we didn’t have before but it’s hard for me to explain that to you.”

“He’s done some good things,” said Gailey. “He’s just not producing enough right now to get on the field. He has good talent and we work with all those guys that have got talent to try to bring them along as football players.”

Maybin has pledged to put his nose to the grindstone every day in practice knowing playing time is ultimately up to the coaching staff. Though he does make a good point in saying if he’s going to improve he needs to get experience on the game field.

“They want to see me be more of a productive player, more of an every down contributor and things of that nature,” Maybin said. “But with all that kind of stuff it comes with experience. You need game time experience in order to make those kinds of transitions happen, so in order for me to get those game time opportunities there is obviously something more that they need to see from me on the practice field. I have to do my best to give that to them.”

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