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McGee working back in

Posted by Chris Brown on November 3, 2010 – 1:04 pm

Bills CB Terrence McGee, who has missed the last three games after having a procedure done on his lower back to fix a nerve problem in his leg plans to work back into the team portions of practice this week.

McGee practiced all week last week, but on a limited basis as he did not take part in any team work on defense leading up to the Kansas City game.

This week McGee will line up on defense in practice. Though it’s a step forward, as McGee sees it, it’s still not the same as playing in a game.

“During the week I’m just going to try and test myself to see how I feel and how things are going and can I keep up with certain receivers,” McGee told “I’ve been out for a while so my wind is not the same. I might have lost a step just from the surgery. So I’m just trying to get back in the groove and see how I feel going against the guys.”

McGee’s back was understandably stiff the past couple of weeks and knowing all the twisting and turning required of a cornerback, it’s easy to see why the CB has taken two weeks to get right again.

“With cornerback we do a lot of twisting and turning and you’ve got to bend down when you’re backpedaling,” he said. “It’s difficult to push a lot of that out of your mindset, but you’ve got to just go full speed and do what you can do and Friday or Saturday the coaches will make the decision on whether they think I’m ready or not.”

Chan Gailey said on Monday he thought McGee had a “realistic” chance to play Sunday against the Bears.

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