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Fitz and Palmer buddy-buddy

Posted by Chris Brown on November 17, 2010 – 9:48 pm

Ryan Fitzpatrick and Carson Palmer are pretty tight from the two seasons they spent together in Cincinnati (2007-2008). And the two have maintained their friendship, which is why they’ve been in contact a few times already this week leading up to Sunday’s game.

“I still talk to Ryan, still been sending him texts, and he’s been sending them back and forth,” said Palmer. “I’m very close to Ryan. I respect him as a player, as a professional. They may not have won a bunch of games so far, but he’s been playing well. They’ve been moving the ball and just haven’t been able to find ways to win games.”

“Yeah, just joking texts back and forth and stuff,” Fitzpatrick confirmed. “We’ve talked about the season and how it’s been going and what we’re going to get to eat and all that stuff.”

When asked what they joke about specifically Fitz said rarely has anything to do with football.

“No, we wouldn’t joke about stats, but facial hair, his little brother. Jordan (Palmer) comes up a lot. He’s a nice target, he’s an easy target, just different things.”

Jordan Palmer is the Bengals backup QB to his older brother Carson. The elder Palmer’s nickname for Fitzpatrick is not Fitz as it is in Buffalo. His nickname for him is ‘Ryno.’

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