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Flo thinks Bengals folded

Posted by Chris Brown on November 22, 2010 – 10:23 am

Bills CB Drayton Florence, who had a pair of takeaways Sunday including a 27-yard fumble return for a touchdown, believes the Bengals threw in the towel after an early fourth quarter barrage from Ryan Fitzpatrick and Stevie Johnson.

“I’ve got to give my hat off to the rest of the team that showed up,” said Florence. “We could’ve easily folded our tent and got out of here with an ‘L’. To see those guys on the other side it looked like they folded their tents on us and we took advantage of it.”

If the Bengals weren’t waving the white flag after Johnson’s third touchdown, which put the Bills up by 11, they certainly appeared to be when the effort to corral Fred Jackson on his 30-yard TD run with two minutes left in the game was half-hearted at best.

“We know we gave them some points early and it wasn’t anything they were doing, it was what we weren’t doing,” said Florence of the Bills’ difficult first half. “This season has been a rough season, but we’ve been in this situation plenty of times before. We were in overtime for two games and coming down to the last play so we’ve been in this situation and I think it’s going to help us in the future, knowing how to battle adversity and coming out with a ‘W’.”

There’s little doubt that this was a character building victory, the kind that fortifies a team’s unity all the more and provides added confidence to a team that didn’t have a whole lot of it in the first quarter of the season.

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