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Merriman update

Posted by Chris Brown on November 25, 2010 – 7:44 am

Head coach Chan Gailey was asked about the merits of having Shawne Merriman on their roster and taking the time to see what he might be able to offer even if he’s only able to play two or three games this season. Here was his response.

“First of all you’ve got to take into consideration is a guy healthy enough,” said Gailey. “In his case is the guy healthy enough to get on the field?

“Second of all if you get good players, you’ve got to try to use them. I don’t care when it is. You’ve got to try to use good players and he’s proven that he’s been a good player in years past.

“If it comes to that and it’s down to the last couple of games I think it’s better to know and to let him play and for us to know what he can do in our defense than it is not to know and have it always be questioned.”

Merriman has already been ruled out for Sunday’s game.

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