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Fan Friday 12-3

Posted by Chris Brown on December 3, 2010 – 3:52 pm

Let’s get right to your questions from

1 – Hi Chris,
I just wanted to know what you think about Ryan Fitz’s play and should the Bill really take a QB with now a guaranteed top 10 pick or could they take an OT with a 1st round pick.  Also is there any really OL men that have you have seen that they could take with a top 10 pick. And lastly, could the Bills take Adrian Clayborn DE or Cam Newton QB.

CB: There’s no question Fitz has made Buffalo’s offense remarkably more efficient (see third down percentage, red zone TD percentage) and more productive (points per game). I don’t think his play precludes the Bills taking a quarterback in the draft. The only one however, that I believe they would take at the top of the draft would be Andrew Luck. If he stays in school or is off the board, I believe they go in another direction.

That being said I’m not anticipating OT to be the play there. It’s not a strong year for offensive tackles. It’s much stronger at DE and OLB so I’d expect them to lean that way if Luck is not an option.

2 – Hey Chris,
With such a talented backfield (even with the trade of Marshawn Lynch), why aren’t we seeing more two back sets with Jackson and Spiller? I think that either split-backs or even Jackson at fullback would be extremely effective. Remember Fred-Ex’s pancake leading for Marshawn vs. San Diego last year?
Boston, MA

CB: Obviously it hasn’t been part of the plan because Spiller has been hurt and I don’t anticipate it being part of the plan this season. Lynch and Jackson were a better fit for that because both are very capable blockers. Spiller never really was asked to block in college because they were too busy putting the ball in his hands, and understandably so.

So if Spiller is out there in a split backfield most defenses are expecting him to get the ball because it’s very unlikely that he acts as a lead blocker for Fred. Basically there’s less of an unknown for opposing defenses, which is why offenses employ that set to begin with.

I will say that as Spiller gets more accustomed to blocking in pass protection as his career moves along, that could be a more realistic option down the road for him.

3 – Hey Chris,
Can Roscoe Parrish , Marcus Easley , & others put on I.R. that are still under contract with the team , still go to the games & be on 
the sideline to root on their team mates , or is there a rule in the NFL that says they can’t participate in any game type activities once 
put on I.R. ?? I know i’ve seen them in some stories posted on about them doing things around town but was just wondering about game day ??? I would think they wouldn’t be able to do road games because of travel expenses but what about home games ??
Mr. T

CB: Typically I-R’d players watch games from the press box with the inactive players if they choose to do so. A lot of times not being able to play due to an I-R designation makes it too frustrating for players to watch in person, so in many instances they don’t go to the games at all.

I’m not aware of any kind of rule that says they cannot attend.

4 – Hello Chris,
I agree with you that Carolina is destined to get the number 1 pick in the draft ahead of the Bills.  The Bills may even leap frog another team or two and really fudge up the works for Luck.  My feeling on Luck is whoever picks ahead of the Bills is going to take him regardless of their current QB situation which leaves the Bills in a sticky situation.  My second choice for a QB would be Mallett but is he worth the money at that high of a pick?  I think the Bills look elsewhere (different position) if Luck is gone.  Your thoughts???
Jim (Skaneateles)

CB: I think Luck is really the only lead pipe lock in terms of quarterback prospects. Most of the others are giving NFL talent evaluators pause, at least ones that will be drafting in the top 10. Now a guy with Jake Locker’s physical tools may get someone to bite early. We always see quarterback value get inflated right before the draft. That’s also why quarterback is the position with the most first round misses in draft history.

I’d lean against Mallett being a top 10 pick. The lack of consistency is an issue for me.

5 – Chris,
Marcus Easley was put on IR for a knee injury prior to the start of the season. At the time Gailey gave no specifics on the injury, only that he did need surgery.
Do you have any information on what the injury was? How is he coming along?
I think if he can develop, then our WRs look good heading into next season with Evans and Johnson. 
Cleveland, Ohio Bills Fan

CB: I don’t know the exact nature of Marcus Easley’s knee injury, but I do know that they found more damage in there once they performed surgery than they had anticipated. Easley is coming along well, he’s running (straight line) and he’s doing low impact agility work with the trainers here at One Bills Drive.

The positive is he’s going to be full go for spring workouts when the offseason conditioning program begins provided there’s a new CBA agreement.

Knowing how well he performed in the spring camps earlier this year and the plays he turned in at camp before the injury, he’ll almost be like an extra draft pick, and I think he holds a lot of promise for this receiving corps which suddenly looks pretty deep.

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