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Ball security an issue

Posted by Chris Brown on December 6, 2010 – 11:40 am

The Bills had a major problem holding onto the football in their loss Sunday to Minnesota fumbling five times, losing four of them. But ball security is unfortunately not a new issue for the Bills this season.

Buffalo is tied for third in the league (with Arizona, Carolina and Washington) in fumbles this season with 24 in 12 games. Only Oakland with 28 and Philadelphia with 26 have more.

The Bills are also tied for fifth in the league in lost fumbles with 11 (Tenn. also has 11). Only Arizona (14), the Giants (14), San Diego (14) and Carolina (12) have more lost fumbles than Buffalo.

“The ball has been on the ground way too much the last few ball games,” Gailey told “That’s something we harp on and talk about every week. So you just have to get back to it with these guys. You make them concentrate on it and work on drills each week. It’s not something that you ever take for granted. It’s something you work on and concentrate on each week.” 

Since the bye week (Week 6) coughing up the football has been particularly troubling. Buffalo has 18 fumbles since the Baltimore game and they’ve lost half of them (9). Those lost fumbles have resulted in 31 points for the opposition.

Add in the nine interceptions over that span, which have led to another 35 points for opponents and it’s a rather significant 66 points on the scoreboard for the opposition in the last seven games. Knowing four of their last five losses have been by three points it illustrates how critical holding onto the football has been in wins and losses this season.

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