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Sparano sees change in Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on December 17, 2010 – 9:35 am

In preparing for the Bills the second time around he sees some notable changes in their offense.

“Yeah I think the challenges in game planning for them now….I think the biggest challenge is the quarterback,” Sparano said. “I think that’s probably the biggest hurdle right now. So, he’s just playing differently than what we prepared for before. I think also at the time last time they had some injuries prior to our game… the running back situation wasn’t quite what it is right now.

“We expected in the last ball game a lot of (C.J.) Spiller and now I think you’re going to get more of (Fred) Jackson and (C.J.) Spiller as the curve ball coming in there and at that time they even (Marshawn) Lynch on the team, so. We weren’t sure where they were going there with that three-headed deal. We actually thought at one point we would see all of them in the backfield at one time in some form of wildcat some or another (you know) where now they obviously got two people and it’s a little bit of change up between (Fred) Jackson and (C.J.) Spiller.”

For fans that don’t remember both Jackson and Lynch were coming off injuries in the preseason and Spiller was lighting it up in the preseason, so it’s not surprising to hear Sparano describe their prep for the first game that way. Seeing their indecision as to what to prepare for with the three backs at the time gives you a peek into how it’s difficult to prepare for teams in Week 1 when there’s no regular season tape to go off of.

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