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Chan on Moorman

Posted by Chris Brown on December 25, 2010 – 5:10 am

Many Bills fans have been asking about Brian Moorman and why they’re not seeing the big moon shots they’re used to staring up at for five seconds plus. Head coach Chan Gailey provided some input on just what they’re asking Moorman to do this season.

“We try to get him to put it on one side of the field or the other,” said Gailey. “We want to take our coverage to one side and limit the returns when you can put it outside the numbers on one side or the other. We’re not asking him to kick it right on the sideline at 39 yards and net that out. We still like the good deep punts, but we would like them on or outside the numbers if we can get them there. Everybody struggles. In the middle of the season Rian was struggling a little bit. We understand what he’s going through. Nobody likes it, most of all him.”

Moorman is currently 24th in net punting with a net of 36.2 and 28th in gross punting (42). Much like Lindell, if Moorman gets in a rut he’s usually not in it long, but late in the season when the weather is poor it becomes more and more difficult to improve your numbers if you’re a punter.

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