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Fan Friday 12-31

Posted by Chris Brown on December 31, 2010 – 2:47 pm

Happy New Year Bills fans! One game to go and the Bills will be entering their game with the Jets with a skeleton crew due to injury. As a reminder Fan Friday will continue into the offseason so keep your questions coming at

1 – Chris,
You mentioned in a previous post that Marcus Easley was doing straight line running, which makes it sound like his injury was an ACL. I know with ACLs the time frame is running in a straight line after 4 months or so. Can you ask him what the injury was?

CB: Hopefully you saw our story on Marcus’ progress on this week. I did ask him specifically about the nature of the injury and he said there was a lot of loose and damaged cartilage that had to be cleaned out. Technically his surgery was a scope, but it was a significant procedure in terms of what they had to clean up. I did ask him specifically if there was anything wrong with his ACL and he said, ‘No.’ Knowing he’s only four months removed from the injury and already 100 percent the ACL clearly wasn’t an issue.

2 – Hi Chris,
I know it’s early but I was wondering if Andrew Luck is gone come the bills draft pick, do you think the bills would trade back to add some early picks to move along the building of this team since we still have needs on both sides of the ball.  I was thinking if they end up with a top 5-10 pick and move back a few spots and pick up another 2nd or 3rd round pick that we could still end up with a stud defensive player and add to other positions as well such as TE,LB tackle, and maybe a QB to groom for the future behind Fitz like Locker who is really talented but needs to show up all the time rather than sometimes.  I think adding an all around TE one that can catch and block would really help this team as well, it’s a weapon we’ve been missing since Jay Riemersma.  Your thoughts?
Thanks -Showtime.

CB: First of all, Luck even declaring for the draft is still very much up in the air with most reports out west indicating that he’s returning for his senior season. Obviously if his head coach heads to the NFL that could change things. That being said I wouldn’t rule out the Bills trading down, but the bottom line is they need top tier talent that they can put on the field right away and those are usually found in the top 10.

They also needs to fill a lot of holes at a lot of positions, so trading back to acquire more picks has its merit. I think a lot could depend on how the picks in front of them fall and how enamored they might be with prospects that could be available when it’s their turn to pick.

3 – Hi Chris, I have to say I am really proud of the Bills for coming back and playing the way they have played for the second half of the season. Assuming there is football next year, do you see the Bills vying for a playoff spot next year? I mean they might need an infusion of one more draft, but I am impressed with what they have done over the last six games(except for the Minnesota game). What are your thoughts?
Tony, Daytona Beach, Fl

CB: It’s really hard to say what this team is going to look like in year two under Gailey and Nix. They’ve got a lot of draft picks to work with and a lot of holes to fill, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. If Nix and his personnel department hit a home run in the draft they could very well be a playoff contender. I just think season two is more likely to be closer to a .500 season. That’s how I see it now. If they get some prime time players in the draft, success could be coming to the Bills sooner rather than later.

4 – Hi Chris,
My question with reagards to Fitz’s relationship with the other 2 quarterbacks. Has Fitz been acting as a mentor towards both Brohm and Brown? Do the other 2 quarterbacks watch film together with Fitz when he’s watching film with the receivers?
Rich from Rochacha.

CB: Here’s Ryan’s answer to that very question from this week knowing that Brohm took all the practice reps. He was asked if he’s helped Brian through the week on the practice field and in the film room.

“There’s been a lot of conversation throughout the week and a lot of it has been the same dialogue. He’s had a little bit more of a voice this week because he’s been the one out there taking the snaps in practice. We bounce stuff off each other all week and I try to help him whenever I can.”

5 – Chris,

First of all happy holidays to you and yours. My first question is have you heard anything about Merriman and Nix having any extension talks? I heard he is still attending games (which is not required for IR players) and has even been seen pulling Moats aside to give him tips. That would make a fan such as myself billieve that he is personally interested in Moats’ future or maybe the future of the Bills. Also, many fans see Lee Evans as trade-able with the emergence of Stevie and the group of undrafted free agents, also with Easley and Parrish coming back from IR. So with the size of his contract and the previously mentioned emerging WRs do you think it will/could happen? If so what do you think we could get?
Thank you,
Joe from C.Sq.

CB: Thanks for the well wishes. Haven’t heard anything regarding Merriman and Nix, and my thinking is no one intends to talk to Merriman until they know he’s healthy and can pass a physical, which is not the case right now after he re-injured his Achilles. I saw him last week and his foot was still in a boot.

As for Lee Evans, while fans see him as expendable, I don’t believe the Bills organization feels that way at all. While the young receivers have done a nice job stepping in to fill the void left by Evans and Parrish, I think Evans is a respected receiver by opposing defenses and would afford Johnson more opportunities with teams forced to respect Evans deep speed. None of the young wideouts have Evans’ deep speed.

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