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Merriman provides options

Posted by Chris Brown on January 1, 2011 – 5:27 pm

With the Bills re-signing Shawne Merriman, it’s a strong sign that he’ll be able to fully return to his Pro Bowl form. It also provides Buffalo with some options concerning their top draft choice.

With the Bills able to do no better than the number two pick based on how games play out this weekend, and Carolina locked into the top spot, conventional wisdom has the Panthers ready to take Stanford QB Andrew Luck if he in fact declares himself eligible. Prior to the Merriman signing most believed a premier pass rusher would be Buffalo’s top pick if Luck was not an option. Now with Merriman in the fold however, the Bills would appear to have more options instead of perhaps being locked in to a position or two.

Granted Merriman has to prove he can return to form, and by the tone of his most recent tweets on his twitter account, I’d say he’s ready to do that. But pass rushing linebacker might not have to be addressed quite so early with Merriman now in the fold.

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