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Evans future

Posted by Chris Brown on January 3, 2011 – 5:03 pm

Lee Evans, who had his season cut short by an ankle injury from which he’ll fully recover, is considered by some outside the organization as expendable in light of the emergence of several other receivers on the roster this season. Head coach Chan Gailey doesn’t see it that way.

When asked if he could see Evans not on this roster in 2011, Gailey didn’t see that being the case, but he did not completely rule it out.

“Well I doubt it,” said Gailey. “But I’m not gonna say anything’s impossible. But when you look at it, to me that group that you mentioned, including Lee Evans, gives us a quality receiving corps going into the season. It’s going to be hard for, if all those guys stay healthy and all of them do what we expect them to do the advantage is they can’t lock in on any one guy.

“The disadvantage is nobody’s going to have any great stats because the ball’s going to be spread around. That’s what happened. They go over and double cover Lee the first half of the season so the other side gets all the catches. That’s kind of what happened. I don’t know how it’s going to work out next year. I just know it’s a much better position we’re walking into this year than we were walking into last year ona lot of spots on the offensive side of the ball.”

Perhaps the reason Gailey is leaving the door open by saying “nothing is impossible”, is because wide receiver has suddenly become the deepest offensive position on the roster with all the young wideouts emerging. Add in the fact that Marcus Easley returns healthy for 2011 and the thinking could be that with so many holes to be filled on the roster at other positions, perhaps dealing from a position of strength could help the team fill a need somewhere else.

I don’t see that coming to fruition, but it would be tough to say anything is certain with a team that still has a lot of roster shaping to do.

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