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Maybin’s standing “tenuous”

Posted by Chris Brown on January 3, 2011 – 3:55 pm

Bills OLB Aaron Maybin was not happy that he couldn’t contribute more and is determined to do better in 2011. According to head coach Chan Gailey, Maybin doesn’t have a lot of time left to convince the coaching staff that he can make more of an impact.

“Right now he’s on the outside looking in,” said Gailey. “That’s where he is. If he improves, he’ll improve his status. But if he doesn’t improve his status he won’t find playing time on this football team.”

When asked if it would be fair to characterize Maybin’s place on the team as tenuous, Gailey offered the following.

“Yes, that would be fair to say,” said Gailey.

Maybin meanwhile sounds determined to turn his young career around after seeing limited action in 10 games this season.

“As far as my role on the team this year in my mind I didn’t have a prominent (season),” he said. “My whole issue is until I can say something other than that, my focus needs to be getting to the point where I’m a major contributor. At the end of the day all else really doesn’t matter. Getting on the field, getting the snaps and making sure the production is there once I get the snaps is the main goal.”

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