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Merriman on decision to sign

Posted by Chris Brown on January 4, 2011 – 1:34 pm

For the first time since re-signing with the Bills over the weekend, Shawne Merriman addressed that decision among other things while appearing on 106.7 FM the FAN in Washington D.C. this morning.

Merriman was up front about being reluctant to join the Bills, but explained that once he got to One Bills Drive his whole outlook changed.

“Of course if you have your chance, your choice to pick a team you wouldn’t want to go to a team that’s 0-8 at the time,” said Merriman of being claimed off waivers by Buffalo. “That’s just typical for anyone that wants to win football game. I really don’t like losing so it wasn’t my first choice to go there. Obviously I knew Buddy Nix. I have a great relationship with Buddy Nix. I knew a couple of guys on the team. From the outside looking in being in San Diego you didn’t have a chance to see a lot of their games.  You’re looking at their stats and looking at their record you think the team is really out there getting blown out. And that’s not the case.

“When you get a chance to be out there and you’re around the guys and around the organization it’s a totally different story. This is a team that’s going to go out there each and every day and fight their a** off. That’s one thing I loved about it. They were in just about every game this year.

“There were one or two games where they just lost the game and they were just flat out beat. But the rest of the games they were in it. They probably were a couple of guys away at the time from competing in the division. My whole mentality changed when I got out there. These are guys that I love being around that are going to go out there and lay it out on the line. They’re probably a few guys away from going out there and tearing some things up. So I told them I wanted to be a part of it and it changed my mentality toward the team very quick.”

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