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Nix on Bills free agents

Posted by Chris Brown on January 13, 2011 – 4:34 pm

Bills GM Buddy Nix was asked about the organization’s approach with respect to their own free agents this offseason when he appeared on the FAN 590 in Toronto Thursday afternoon, knowing the uncertainty that exists regarding the league’s labor situation. Here was Nix’s response.

“Every class you bring in should be better than the one before. That’s your goal,” said Nix. “That’s what we try to do. We want to keep our own players. We don’t want guys going off and playing against us. You want the good players to stay here. We’re going to try to keep them all and keep them at the right value and that’s the only discussion I’ll have about free agents.”

The key words there are “the right value.” Nix made it clear when he arrived last year that their approach to building a roster is not by buying high-priced free agents, and it appears that same holds true with respect for their own free agents. The front office determines what they feel is fair market value for their own free agents and it sounds as if they remain fiscally responsible in sticking to those assessed values.

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