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New mock has Newton to Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on February 10, 2011 – 1:39 pm

The National Football Post has released their first mock draft here in the draft’s “preseason” and they’ve got the Bills taking a quarterback with the third overall pick.

NFP has Buffalo taking Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton with the third pick. He has Carolina taking Auburn DL Nick Fairley and Denver taking LSU CB Patrick Peterson ahead of Buffalo. Here’s what Wes Bunting writes in his assessment of the mock pick for the Bills.

If there is anything we know about Buffalo head coach Chan Gailey, it’s that he understands how to be creative with unique/dynamic offensive weapons. Newton is a talent who needs work, but has the skill set to thrive in Buffalo, and Gailey is the kind of coach who can get the most out of him the quickest.

Those sentiments are not off the mark. Gailey has a history of maximizing the abilities of skill position players. Knowing Fitz is the starter for 2011, I’m not convinced they’ll use the third pick on a player that won’t play right away. But it’s clear the Bills are not ruling out anything based on what Gailey said in a radio interview last month on WHTK in Rochester.

“We’re sitting there with the third pick in the draft this year,” said Gailey. “If there is a franchise guy, I’m talking about a guy that can be the guy for six, eight, 10, 12 years then you’ve got to consider it. Even if Fitz starts for the next two years and you have to develop him, you still have to consider it. I know Buddy and I are in this thing for the long term. We’re not just looking for the quick fix, what can we do to win this year no matter what. It’s about what the best decision is long term for the Buffalo Bills.” 

If, and I stress if, the Bills come to the conclusion that Newton can be a player like Gailey describes above, then he will be considered.

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