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Newton workout review

Posted by Chris Brown on February 10, 2011 – 3:41 pm

Well ESPN had reporters on hand for Cam Newton’s media only pro day at Cathedral Catholic high school in San Diego this afternoon. By their accounts Newton looked great.

Trent Dilfer, who was on hand for ESPN, was gushing about Newton.

“It was one of the most impressive workouts I’ve ever seen,” he said while reporting from the site of the workout in San Diego. “The ski is the limit.”

Dilfer considers Newton a top five talent in the 2011 draft class.

Newton worked out for about an hour and threw against air and out of pads.

“I felt like I had to get better,” he told reporters on hand. “Things like being on balance and finishing my throws, coming from under center and being fluid (in my drops).”

Newton has been working with QB guru George Whitfield to improve his footwork and throwing mechanics below the waist. Newton has been criticized for “arming” his throws instead of using his full body torque and shifting weight from his back to his front foot and driving his hips into the ball.

How will all this play to NFL scouting departments? According to former NFL safety Matt Bowen not so well based on his conversation with a league scout.

MattBowen41 NFL scout just told me that Cam Newton’s media workout will have no impact on the grading process–and the entire event “makes no sense.”

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