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The battle for Stroud’s spot

Posted by Chris Brown on February 16, 2011 – 12:21 pm

With Marcus Stroud no longer on Buffalo’s roster there’s a vacant starting role on the left side of the Bills defensive line. Here are the candidates currently on the roster that will be in the mix to win that spot.

Alex Carrington – The Bills 3rd-round pick in 2010 didn’t get a ton of playing time, but saw the field more in the second half of the season. Head coach Chan Gailey felt that Carrington intially played the pass better than the run when he got on the field, which he felt was to be expected in light of his pass rush success at Arkansas State. The bottom line is Gailey felt Carrington improved, and faith in his improvement is partially borne out in the release of Stroud.

Spencer Johnson – Johnson is a reliable veteran player that again spelled the injured Dwan Edwards admirably last season in the starting lineup, something he’s done in his time with the Bills before. He offers versatility as he can kick inside on passing downs and is a steady performer.

These two guys are the players that are the primary contenders now. Obviously a high draft choice or free agency acquisition (if there is free agency) can change this, and I would anticipate additions being made this offseason.

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