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Troup working the core

Posted by Chris Brown on February 16, 2011 – 7:27 am

Torell Troup, who is profiled in today’s top story (Driven by Family) on, is literally going hard core with his workouts.

The Bills defensive tackle has been doing predominantly core work of late in an effort to strengthen the midsection.

“I really want to focus more on my core and get it a lot stronger,” Troup told “So my dad has been helping me with that because I’m not where he is yet with core strength. I’m taking small steps to it where hopefully I’ll be where I want to be coming into March.”

Troup’s dad Tory Troup is a sculpted 6’1” and 245 pounds, while Torell has the frame more fitting of an NFL defensive tackle.

“I’ve been working on my core and a little upper body and a little lower body,” Troup said. “He keeps telling me that he wants me to stay light so we can focus more on core. So we do about an hour of just core work in the gym.”

Here’s a video that Torell posted recently of his core work with “the wheel.” His goal is to roll the wheel out standing up and going out into plank position before rolling back, and he wants to do it 10 times.

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