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Bills luck out get 9th pick

Posted by Chris Brown on March 25, 2011 – 8:26 pm

Buffalo’s stock of draft picks has increased by one as the league handed out their compensatory picks late on Friday. The Bills will have a second draft choice in round 7 where they will pick 44th in the round with the 244th overall selection.

The Bills did not have a net loss of free agents, the primary requirement for being awarded a compensatory pick, but with only 21 awarded under the NFL’s formula which requires a net loss of free agents, an additional 11 had to be distributed to equal the number of teams in the league.

The league rules state that the additional picks needed, however many the number, be awarded to clubs based on the draft order until a total of 32 compensatory picks are distributed. So the order in which they were handed out is almost like an eighth round.

The Bills draft third in round 1, second in round 2, fourth in round 3, third in round 4, second in round 5, fourth in round 6 and third in round 7 due to a rotating record tiebreaker with Denver and Cincinnati. So in a hypothetical eighth round the Bills would draft second based on the rotation.

That’s why the order of the 11 remaining picks at the bottom of the seventh round went as follows. Carolina, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Denver, Cleveland Arizona, San Francisco, Tennessee, Dallas, Washington and Houston.

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