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Bowers stock update

Posted by Chris Brown on April 6, 2011 – 9:00 am

Since Da’Quan Bowers held his pro day there has been a lot of talk with respect to his draft stock, but for a player that most believe is still not 100 percent recovered from knee surgery, is his stock really going to slip much?

Granted Bowers, who is visiting with the Bills today (Wednesday) was considered a contender to be the number one overall pick just a couple of months ago. Recovery from knee surgery might cloud his medical situation a bit, but it doesn’t change what he’s put on tape. That’s why ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay can’t see him slipping down the board much, if at all.

“I think Bowers is a top four prospect or can be a top four prospect if he clears medically and there’s no concern,” said McShay. “I’ve talked to people from 12 different teams about Bowers just to make sure that I’m on point with this. There are slightly different versions of what you hear. Some people think he favors the knee injury on tape. There are times where I could see what they’ve talking about. Against Florida State there were some plays, but I’m not 100 percent sure and I’m not a doctor. So ultimately as a personnel guy you have to trust your medical staff and if he’s cleared and there are no long term concerns with the knee then you just evaluate him as a football player. In my opinion he’s one of the top five players in this draft and belongs somewhere in the top five picks, maybe six or seven. 

“I just think he’d be a great fit in a 4-3 defense. I think you could plug him in right away. He’s a big, strong defensive end, can play either side and is probably best suited to play left defensive end.”

What’s puzzling to me is if there are truly scouts out there knocking him for favoring the knee on tape. The guy played through the injury and did not have surgery until the end of the season. Shouldn’t a guy be getting credit for that instead of knocked?

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