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Fan Friday 4-8

Posted by Chris Brown on April 8, 2011 – 12:59 pm

Let’s get right to your questions this week from

1 – Hey Chris,
First off, just want to take a second and compliment you for all the work you do, as it really helps fans stay as up to date as possible with the Bills, even in the offseason. My question is about the new uniforms that are coming out for next year. Are there any more details out as to when exactly they will be unveiled? Like many fans I’m sure I cannot wait to move on from the old uniforms.
Thanks! Scott from Kenmore

CB: First, thanks for the kind words. With respect to the new uniforms, nothing concrete in terms of an unveiling has been passed along. I would imagine we would need to at least get past the NFL draft before any more information is distributed with respect to the 2011 unis.

2 – The tight end position seems to be ingored by the Bills for years. With Shawn Nelson hurt in much of his career, what is the future of TE position for next year? Chan rarely had tight ends run routes and stretch down the field. He mentioned he was looking for a all around TE ala John Mackey. But the Bills did meet with catching TE Virgil Green at the combine, scouted Rob Housler, and coached a number of them in the Senior Bowl. Do you expect the Bills to draft a pass catching TE in the middle rounds? Or will they go after one like Zach Miller in FA?


CB: With tight end not one of the team’s top 3 needs I think how or where they address that position is going to largely depend on how the draft board falls. Based on Chan Gailey’s comments that most of their nine picks are going to go to the defensive side of the ball coupled with more pressing offensive needs at tackle and quarterback, I just don’t see tight end coming up on day one (round one) or day two (rounds 2 and 3).

Even on day 3, unless an unexpected value falls in their lap at the tight end position I’m not certain they pull the trigger until the later rounds if at all. Buddy Nix said they are looking for an H-back type. Arkansas D.J. Williams, who was at the Senior Bowl on Chan’s South team roster is considered the best H-back in the draft class. He’s forecast as a fourth-round pick.

I know Buddy and Chan are high on Scott Chandler an in line tight end with some pass catching ability who they picked up mid-season last year. He’s a former fourth-round pick himself that Buddy picked for the Chargers back in 2008.

3 – Chris,
If Nick Fairley and Marcell Dareus are off the board before Buffalo is on the clock, who do you see the Bills taking?  I think Peterson can be a great asset to us and an immediate impact both in the secondary and another kick return option (with Spiller, McKelvin, McGee, and Peterson).  However, if we go that route we are leaving out our gaping hole at stopping the run.  Or do we take Bowers or Von Miller.  What is your take?
Rob Best

CB: I believe Von Miller makes the most sense there in that scenario. I really like Dareus a lot and he would be my top choice, but I’d be shocked if the Broncos pass on him. Miller is a pretty darn nice option ‘B’. Two years of proven production and a ridiculous ability to flatten himself out coming around the edge. An instant upgrade for the pass rush, which is needed after the Bills finished 27th in sacks last season.
4 – Hey Chris,
What are you thoughts on what we do with the first three picks?
1)      I think if Dareus is there, he’s a must take pick at three. He’s the BPA, safe, and fills an immediate need.
2)      As for the second round, is there any chance Martez Wilson is there at ILB? He also fills a need and is rated the best ILB in the draft.
3)     As for addressing the QB position, Kaepernick is definitely a project player, but who better to learn from than Fitz?
Coach Gailey loves mobile quarterbacks, and he could potentially be the new type of passer everyone is raving about, due to his ability to extend plays. Plus, you had to love his interview at the combine.
Kyle from PA  GO BILLS!!!

CB: As I stated above Dareus is my personal favorite at 3 if he’s there. The thought of him lined up with Kyle Williams and Dwan Edwards in a 3-4 front is very appealing.

I do think Martez Wilson could be there. I asked Mel Kiper personally where he sees him going and he said in the 33 to 45 overall pick range for what it’s worth. He also offers versatility as he could line up outside as well. Great athlete.

Kaepernick is an easy kid to like. Tons of production, smart, super athlete with the tools, just needs time on the job. Wouldn’t mind him on Buffalo’s roster at all.

5 – Chris,
First I wanted to say thank you for all your combine related articles. Great job.

Concerning the days of the NFL Draft what are the specific mechanisms for one team to contact another for the purpose of trading? Do they each have a telephone, do they use messengers, or some other method (Red or green lights)? Is there a form they both sign accepting the trade terms?
Very Respectfully,
Patrick M. Bald

CB: Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. Concerning making contact to discuss trades, each NFL club is provided with a draft room phone list for every other team in the entire league. Knowing time can sometimes be short between picks to make trade offers, they try to set up the most instanteous contact system possible.

Contact with another club is sometimes assigned to a member of the personnel staff. For the Bills it might not necessarily be Buddy Nix making the call. It could be VP of College Scouting Tom Modrak, it could be Assistant GM Doug Whaley, it could be Senior VP of Football Administration Jim Overdorf.

Buddy would presumably put an offer together and give it to whomever he wanted to make the call. If things were moving in the right direction he then would hop on the phone and finalize details in certain cases.

In terms of receiving calls, the assigned person would handle those as well knowing Buddy is busy keeping track of the board and where their preferences lie.

When deals are completed both teams talk to their representatives in New York City at the draft. Those reps write the terms of the trade down on a form and bring them up to the league desk. Once approved the trade is announced at the podium.

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