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Kaepernick intangibles

Posted by Chris Brown on April 27, 2011 – 8:50 am

Bills scouts addressed the media again this week leading up to the NFL draft and we’ve all heard about Colin Kaepernick’s outstanding athleticism, which is obvious to anyone that has watched him play. So I asked about whether he had all the intangibles that scouts look for from the quarterback position as well. The answer I got was definitive.

Bills scout Rashaan Curry, whose scouting region includes Nevada, called Kaepernick’s intangibles “off the charts.”

“There may not be a better kid in this draft in terms of intangibles,” said Curry. “Now I don’t know that for sure because I don’t cover half the country, but in terms of my portion of the country there may not be a better guy in terms of intangibles than him. A guy who is smart, competitive, works hard and is driven. You get warm feelings when you think about his intangibles. You talk about a kid who not only did what the coaches asked him to do, but outside of that was a leader and dragged guys along with him.”

To further address Kaepernick’s abilities, ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden admitted that Nevada’s ‘pistol offense’ does complicate projecting Kaepernick to the NFL, but it’s clear he thinks highly of Kaepernick’s intangibles as well.

“Well, the pistol does make it tough, but you can’t deny production,” said Gruden. “No one’s thrown for 10,000 yards and rushed for over 4,000. I do think you’re getting a double threat.  You’re getting a guy that has a contagious, charismatic personality – a guy that really wants to compete.  You’re getting an exciting prospect.  Might take him some time, but you’re getting a guy that can run and pass, just needs some development and needs to make the transition to the next level.”

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