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Nix on Newton & Gabbert

Posted by Chris Brown on April 27, 2011 – 6:05 pm

Bills GM Buddy Nix was interviewed on 103.3 FM the Edge Wednesday afternoon on the Shredd and Ragan show and was naturally asked about the top two QB prospects in Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert. Nix was either pretty revealing or pretty deceiving just a day before the draft.

Nix was asked about the merits of taking a quarterback when you are up high in the draft order knowing you may not be up there again.

“I think there’s a lot of argument for that,” said Nix. “You can help your team in a lot of other ways a lot quicker, but you can also in the long run help your team more by getting a franchise quarterback. Now the key is this. Is there a franchise quarterback there that you feel very confident about?”

“I think about when we drafted Phillip Rivers in San Diego there wasn’t any question in our mind that he’s a guy you build your team around. If you feel that way about anybody in this draft then you should take him with the third pick if he’s there.”

Co-host Ted Shredd then appropriately asked, ‘Do you feel that way about anybody in this draft?’

“That’s a little different question,” said Nix. “We do think that Gabbert and Cam Newton have a better than average chance of being a franchise guy. There are obviously arguments both ways and you can make a case either way you want to go. But at some point you have to go with your gut feeling and take the guy and make it work.”

It’s tough to tell whether Nix is couching his true opinion so as not to tip Buffalo’s hand, whether he and his personnel dept. truly feel that the two signal callers have a better than average chance or if he’s just taking advantage of his last chance at pre-draft deception.

Nix did just say a few weeks ago that with pre-draft talk only 10 percent is truth, so take these comments for what they’re worth.

He did however go into greater detail about his take on Newton, which was as follows.

“I think the upside is unlimited with him,” said Nix of Newton. “The things you can do with him. We’ve sepnt an awful lot of time with the top quarterbacks. He’s a guy that can adjust to whatever you’re doing offensively.

“People say that at Auburn it was simple, well he learns whatever offense he’s in. He did at Florida. He went to Blinn junior college and learned what they do, and very quickly I might add, and he went to Auburn and learned what they do. It’s what they ask him to do and I think he can do that again.” 

Nix when asked about possible quarterbacks in round two referenced Andy Dalton and Christian Ponder as signal callers that they found appealing.

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