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Gruden on Dareus

Posted by Chris Brown on May 3, 2011 – 12:01 pm

ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden had his own assessment of Marcell Dareus and why he thought Dareus was superior to Auburn’s (and now Detroit’s) Nick Fairley.

“Well, Dareus, if you watch Dareus play two years ago, his film is even better than it was this year.  He got hurt in the Arkansas game (this year).  That ankle lingered throughout the season.  But I think Darius is a different player than Fairley.  Dareus is a three‑position player in a 3‑4 front.  He can play nose, either defensive end.  He is legitimate, sheer power.  This is a power player.  He is rare.  You’ve seen the physical nature this guy’s put together with a rare combination of explosive physical play, and a guy that’s well‑versed under Nick Saban.”

Gruden gave Dareus the edge because of his versatility and better all-around game.

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