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Kyle #3 in PFF’s top 101

Posted by Chris Brown on May 9, 2011 – 8:20 am

Bills Pro Bowl DT Kyle Williams ranked near the top in Pro Football Focus’ rankings of their top 101 players in the NFL for the 2010 season.

The PFF folks break down tape and put together their own statistical analysis that goes far beyond the typical stats you have for football players. Williams ranked third overall in the entire NFL. Here’s what they had to say about Kyle’s 2010 campaign.

3.  Kyle Williams, DT, Buffalo Bills
If there is one player I love to sing the praises of it’s this man. Underrated and not getting the love he deserves, Williams didn’t get my choice for PFF Defensive Player of the Year, but got everyone else’s. Put in the greatest defensive tackle display I’ve ever seen against Pittsburgh and earned the praise of the Patriots who recognized him as one of the hardest players to play against. What’s more, he did this in two different schemes and with so little talent around him. I’ve written so many plaudits about Williams it would be impossible not to repeat myself, but this was truly a season for the ages and it’s a travesty so few have recognized it.
Best Performance: Week 12 versus Pittsburgh (+12.6)
Key Stat: Only 17 defenders (all linebackers) had more defensive stops than Kyle Williams.

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