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NFL draft on the move?

Posted by Chris Brown on May 16, 2011 – 11:21 pm

During Monday night’s teleconference between NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Bills season ticket holders, he was asked about the possibility of the NFL draft moving to a different city each year similar to the NHL draft. Goodell said it’s being entertained as an option.

“It’s one (idea) that we have really been studying and we very well may do that,” Goodell said. “As you know we made some changes to our draft to speed it up and increase the pace of the draft that was overwhelmingly positive. Last year we went for the first time to primetime on the first two nights and then the third day.

“We’ve discussed about moving the second night or the third day to another city. There’s tremendous interest across the country in doing that. I think it’s another way to bring our fans in different communities the opportunity to attend the draft. We’re seriously evaluating that alternative. The first thing we need to do is ensure that we continue to have that draft. That’s what we’re doing in defending this antitrust case.”

Goodell, not surprisingly, answered mostly labor and revenue sharing questions from Bills fans as he stepped away from day one of a two-day mediation session in the 8th Circuit.

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