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Fan Friday 5-20

Posted by Chris Brown on May 20, 2011 – 11:30 am

Alright Bills fans let’s get this week’s edition rolling with your questions from

1 – Chris,

Let the QB questions begin… I’m totally pumped up about Marcell Dareus and the improved defense, but was quite surprised the Bills didn’t pick up a QB anywhere in the draft.  With Nix saying the Bills will have 4 QBs going into camp, how do you think this will be handled?  Will management bring in a veteran to just fill the spot as back up, or will they go after someone that will challenge Fitz like Kevin Kolb or Vince Young? 

Jacksonville, FL

CB: Here was Buddy’s most recent comment on the quarterback situation.

“We’ve looked at two or three scenarios. We would like to have a veteran guy that can come in that has played the league. A guy that can go in and finish a game and maybe start a game and give you a chance to win. Now there are two options. We’re going to bring in two guys. If college free agency opens up and we think there’s a developmental guy that has some potential we’d bring him in. If that’s not the case we might sign two veterans.” 

To me that sounds like they’re not going to be shooting for the moon with respect to a veteran backup signee. I’d anticipate it being more of a lesser name that they sign than say a Kevin Kolb, that would cost at least a first-round pick or Vince Young, who has some baggage after his fallout with Jeff Fisher in Tennessee.

I think the Bills would prefer to have a veteran backup that knows his role and isn’t going to make any waves to disrupt what is a very good chemistry right now in the locker room offensively.

2 – Hey Chris!!
I had a question about Kyle Williams. With Dareus on board I assume he will play the middle or is that not a given? I would love to see the Jasper kid evolve into a player for us and have him in the middle with Williams and Dareus on the edges. Wishful thinking I know but I the Jasper kid sure looks athletic and hopeful can get in even better shape. Also I read something about Kyle Williams training on LSU’s campus. I will be there for 2 weeks for banking school the end of this month and would love to meet him if he’s there. Can you let me know how I could contact him? Does he have email, twitter, facebook, or a website? Thanks 

Wes Dickson
Only Bills Fan in KY

CB: Dareus is going to line up at LDE in Buffalo’s 3-4 with Kyle Williams at the nose and Dwan Edwards at right end. Dareus will probably kick inside at times in passing situations, but I anticipate Torell Troup to be Williams’ primary backup. Knowing the Bills defense will be more of a hybrid front again this year I’d say expect to see Dareus inside at defensive tackle (probably the one-technique) in the 4-3 looks.

As for catching up with Kyle Williams, he’s not a social media type guy so I’m afraid you’re out of luck there.

And as for claiming to be the only Bills fan in the state of Kentucky, I think George Wilson’s mom in Paducah might disagree with you!

3 – Hey Chris,
Thanks for all your great draft coverage. Looks like the “experts” all liked the Bills draft. Hopefully they’re right this time.
My question is how you see the linebacker situation playing out this year? I saw your post that there is a chance Danny Batten will move back outside after spending some time learning the ropes as an inside backer. However, I almost see inside linebacker as being a weaker spot than outside.

On the outside we have Merriman, Moats, Kelsay, Maybin if the team keeps him, and Torbor played OLB for us last year. On the inside we basically have Davis and the two rookies Sheppard and White, and not much else.

Do you think it is likely that Poz will be back with the team this season? I also know Torbor played ILB with the Dolphins before joining the Bills. Do you have some thoughts on who will play inside and out and who you think are the favorites to win starting jobs?
CB: I think you’ve got the players in their proper spots, though I would anticipate Torbor moving back inside with all the depth you referenced at OLB. I really can’t address free agency due to the lockout situation, but I believe they’ll have the ILB position properly addressed with enough talent and depth.

As for favorites to win starting jobs if Merriman is back to form he’s on the field… a lot. I believe Moats could give Chris Kelsay a run for his money on the other side. Inside Davis should be one starter. Sheppard could push for the other starting role with Torbor also in that mix.

4 – Hey Chris,
First, thank you for all the hard work you do. It makes being a Bills fan much more enjoyable. I am writing to find out whether or not the Bills players received any playbooks or football-related materials during the brief period of time that the lockout was lifted. On,, and others, it was reported that coaching staffs across the league were distributing playbooks and, in some cases, materials pertaining to workouts, diet regimens, etc.. I am curious to know whether or not the Bills fall within this group. Were the coaches able to distribute any football related material to the players before the lockout was reinstated?
Thanks again, and keep up the good work.
A thankful Bills fan

CB: Chan Gailey told us at the end of the NFL draft that they did not hand out playbooks to any players during that brief window of time when the lockout was lifted. Once the ruling came down lifting the lockout Chan Gailey and his staff immediately put a plan into action to begin offseason workouts the following Monday, but those plans had to be scrapped after the temporary stay was passed re-instating the lockout.

5 – Chris,

With the Bills now at 7 D-linemen (K. Williams, Dareus, Edwards, Troup, Carrington, S. Johnson and Jasper), I feel like they will take 6 linemen into the active roster. What are the odds that Jasper makes the team instead of the practice squad? And if he makes the active roster, does it make Spencer Johnson expendable seeing how he is more potent in the 4-3 defense?

What are your thoughts?

Nate in Rochester

CB: First, I disagree with your assessment of Spencer Johnson. He has the versatility to play in both the 3-4 and 4-3 schemes. He played in the 4-3 in Minnesota before coming to Buffalo, and played it here for a couple of years under the previous coaching regime. I thought he had a solid season last year.

As far as Jasper’s chances go I think there are a couple of things working against him. First, he played a lower level of college ball. Some players can overcome that quickly (see: Terrence McGee), but for most it takes a bit longer to develop into a player that can perform consistently against NFL competition. Second, he’s played offensive line each of the past two seasons at Bethel.

He has experience at defensive tackle, but its three years in the rearview mirror and to make the transition back to that position at the highest competitive level of football in a lockout shortened offseason is going to be difficult.

By no means am I doubting Jasper. I don’t know the man. I do know he has a tremendous work ethic as evidenced by his efforts to streamline his body and mold himself into an NFL prospect. He also has smarts and obvious physical ability. How quickly he masters the techniques however, will be the ultimate factor that determines his chances.

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