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Troup grinding on his own

Posted by Chris Brown on May 25, 2011 – 4:08 pm

Torell Troup is still working out down south like a fiend this offseason, but it’s not all about time in the weight room for him.

Troup is also doing film study. The Bills defensive tackle brought everyone up to speed on his twitter account.

TorellTroup Just finished my weight room workout. Head to the field to do some running and football drills.
TorellTroup Then later tonite studying some game film on some of the better NT’s in the NFL 2 see what makes them so great. Foot work, hands, leverage
TorellTroup So many negative things being said lately. Jus goin to keep my head down and keep grinding.
Not sure what Troup means by the last comment in terms of the negativity, but it’s apparently not affected his work ethic one bit. Troup has added close to 15 pounds of muscle to his frame thus far this offseason according to his updates.

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