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Bills in middle for blockers

Posted by Chris Brown on June 8, 2011 – 12:42 pm

The Pro Football Focus folks released part three of their stat series on pass protection Wednesday. After diagnosing what teams who gave up the most pressure and who most effectively kept that pressure from turning into sacks, they examined what teams kept the most blockers in to protect. The Bills finished in the middle of the pack.

With PFF ranking teams from least amount of pass protectors to most, Buffalo ranked 19th with an average of 5.57 blockers per pass play. The compilers of this film review info wisely point out that the teams with the least number of protectors doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best at protecting, and those teams that kept in the most to protect aren’t the best either. Heck the Raiders kept the most in to block in the league, but still wound up fourth in the NFL in most pressures allowed.

Balance is the key and knowing how much Buffalo went to three and four wide sets seeing the number for Buffalo at 5.57 indicates how the offensive staff struck a pretty good balance between protection and getting more people out on routes.

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