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Expert review of Pryor

Posted by Chris Brown on June 8, 2011 – 3:09 pm

With the likelihood of Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor requesting an application to be eligible for the NFL’s Supplemental draft growing by the day, the executive producer of NFL Matchup and Senior Producer for NFL Films for more than 30 years, Greg Cosell, broke down two of Pryor’s games and came up with the following conclusions with respect to how his game translates to the NFL.

gregcosell Watched 2 T. Pryor games today. Number of things stood out. Pass game principles basic. Predominant 1 read concepts from under center.
gregcosell More Pryor: Pushed the ball, didn’t drive thru throws. Tendency to lift back foot off ground before delivering ball. Reduces arm strength.
gregcosell More Pryor: Limited pocket feel + presence, impatient + uncomfortable in pocket. One read + then break down. No ability to move + reset.
gregcosell More Pryor: Poor footwork as he sets + plants to deliver. Little sense at this point of how drop of QB syncs up with receivers routes.
gregcosell More Pryor: Not naturally accurate. Scattershot. Over-reactive to perceived pressure. No precision to game. A random, unstructured player.
gregcosell More Pryor: Overall long way to go before any chance of being NFL QB. In 2 games I evaluated showed no attributes that transition to NFL.
gregcosell More Pryor: Will watch more tomorrow, including bowl game. Really struggled to find traits that project to NFL QB. Average arm + inaccurate
gregcosell I watched 2 games of Pryor, 7-8 of the other QB in draft. Based on those 2 games, Pryor a late round pick at best. Want to see more.
So although Cosell is anything but high on Pryor’s transition to the NFL game as a quarterback, he does intend to watch more tape to see if his initial opinions change. That being said, this expert’s opinion is far from rosy.

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