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The final on Pryor

Posted by Chris Brown on June 10, 2011 – 9:34 am

As we chronicled the other day, Greg Cosell, executive producer of Edge NFL Matchup on ESPN and Senior Producer of NFL Films has been watching film of now former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor to assess his chances to play in the NFL. He’s now watched four of his games. Here’s his assessment in a series of tweets.

gregcosell Major difference between Pryor + Newton is Newton can throw. Big arm, drives the ball. Newton can make NFL throws, Pryor at this point can’t
gregcosell More Pryor: For those who equate athleticism with QB he’s a draftable player. I evaluated him w/late round/free agent grade. No NFL skills.
gregcosell More Pryor: Many issues that need major work. 2 are average arm strength + erratic accuracy. Little velocity. Can’t drive ball. Poor passer.
gregcosell More Pryor: Those who equate body athleticism to QB skills + tools will see positives. Those who see NFL QB as a craft will not see much.

Cosell also said that Pryor’s best situation would be to go to a team where he can be the third quarterback and learn and develop.

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