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Open mesh jerseys short lived

Posted by Chris Brown on June 22, 2011 – 3:16 pm

Back in 1980 in addition to the introduction of white jerseys with blue pants the Bills also began wearing wide mesh jerseys for increased breathability. However, as Bills equipment manager Dave Hojnowski tells us the wide mesh jerseys were short lived.

“We don’t play in super, super hot weather unless we’re on the road,” said Hojnowski. “A lot of times you catch that Miami game early on in September and it gets pretty warm and they always make us wear our dark uniform down there.”

Hojnowski said that the wide mesh did help to keep players cool particularly for warm weather games.

“Those jerseys did actually cool you down a lot more,” he said. “Basically that’s the evolution on what we’re going to now where the material has changed so much. They’re making it a little stretchier, a little more breathable and they’re trying to pull that moisture away from that body. They’re also keeping the heat down for those guys as well.”

But after four years the wide mesh jerseys were discontinued by the league. Buffalo’s equipment manager believes the rising popularity of the game on television was part of the reason why the wide mesh jerseys were on the outs after just four years come the mid-80’s.

“I believe that they discontinued those jerseys because as TV got more and more involved and more and more dollars were being spent, I believe that television was the one that nixed those jerseys. You have some linemen where their bellies were sticking out or whatever and those jerseys were not flattering.

“I think those were nixed by TV because there was a sentiment by TV execs that they didn’t want fat guys with their bellies hanging out. They weren’t very flattering on the linemen. I believe they were nixed because of television.”

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