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Pulling a player’s leg

Posted by Chris Brown on June 22, 2011 – 4:18 pm

Bills long time equipment manager Dave Hojnowski and his co-workers work almost as closely with the players as the coaching staff, so it affords them the opportunity to pull a fast one on players now and then.

Hojo and his cohorts will target rookies to see how gullible they might be, or try to cross up a new arrival in Buffalo’s locker room. Here’s the often used shoelace riddle that still gets a player to this day.

“Guys would come to us and ask for a shoelace and we’d ask them if it was for the right or the left shoe and some would actually stop and think a minute and tell us they needed it for the left shoe,” he said. “We’d get a kick out of that.”

The power of fractions also came into play once in a while when it came to helmet size.

“We had a tight end here Buster Burnett and he was from Jacksonville State I believe,” Hojnowski said. “We had him the year before and he came in the first day of training camp and he said, ‘Hojo, my head has gotten a little bit bigger from last year.’ So I said, ‘What size helmet did you wear last year?’ And he didn’t know so we looked it up and found that he wore a 7 and three eighths size helmet. So I asked him, ‘Do you want to try a seven and a half helmet?’ And he tells me, ‘No, you better give me the four eighths.’”

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