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Tasker gives uniforms thumbs up

Posted by Chris Brown on June 24, 2011 – 8:11 pm

Bills Wall of Famer Steve Tasker, who emceed the Bills uniform unveiling Friday night was in the same boat as his teammate, Hall of Famer Jim Kelly feeling a sense of nostalgia in seeing Buffalo’s 2011 uniforms.

“They’re a little bit of a modernized, tricked out version of what we had when I played,” he said. “When you put the helmet on top of it, it really jumps out. I love it. I think it looks great. From the top down to the black and white or the black and red shoes, the detail of the navy blue outlining the numbers on the jerseys and the charging buffalo and the back of the jersey and pants it’s really good. A lot of detail when into it and it looks great.”

Black shoes are kind of the underestimated final component of the entire look. Black shoes are old school football and though the Bills had gone to black shoes in recent years, they’ll stand out all the more with royal blue jerseys.

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