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Bicknell wants success for Nelson

Posted by Chris Brown on July 7, 2011 – 8:47 am

For any coach successfully maximizing a player’s potential is the ultimate. That’s what made Shawn Nelson’s 2010 season so frustrating, for him and tight ends coach Bob Bicknell. But both are no doubt hoping 2011 can be a much different story.

Bicknell said he had an end of season discussion with Nelson as he does with all his tight ends. All he wants is success for what he sees as a physically gifted player.

“My job is to help (players) achieve (their full potential) and if I don’t you always feel disappointed because you know Shawn’s a talented player that for whatever the reasons are you’re not tapping into that talent yet,” Bicknell told “So we talked about maximizing his talent where I know and he knows we’re getting the most out of him.” 

Bicknell sympathizes with Nelson’s plight with migraines and does not know if Nelson found a solution this offseason due to the fact that he cannot have contact with him during the current labor situation. He just believes time on the practice field alone is enough to get bigger and better results out of Nelson.

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