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Market not fast and furious

Posted by Chris Brown on July 29, 2011 – 9:26 pm

With four months of free agency crammed into a couple of weeks, many anticipated a fast and furious market with millions of dollars flying into the pockets of players at the drop of a hat. Yes, there have been a bevy of signings, but the money hasn’t been ridiculous barring an exception or two, and with teams busy signing draft choices and undrafted rookies this week, some free agents have been forced to wait in line.

“Everybody thought the money was just going to be flowing freely,” said Bills GM Buddy Nix. “We were getting some calls from guys that were high-priced guys (at the start of free agency) that are now saying, ‘Just make us an offer.’ I think there are some guys out there that can give us some competition and maybe give us some depth.”

Buffalo didn’t leap blindly into the pool of free agency. Nix and his personnel staff have waded in methodically and seem intent of surveying things meticulously as players come free from other clubs via the waiver process.

“I think the big word right now is patience,” said Nix. “We do not need to jump on the first thing and make sure we’re thorough and evaluate them as the come out (get released).”

Nix has mentioned keeping an eye on the waiver wire three times in the last week. It makes one wonder if there are a couple of specific players out there that he anticipates shaking loose from another roster. When asked if he did not intend to add another linebacker to his roster he wouldn’t shut that door.

“Here’s what we do. Every day our pro department will take the waiver wire, go through it and do one liners on them because we’ve already got grades on them,” he said. “If there’s a guy there at linebacker that we think can help us we’ll try to get him.”

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