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Why Bills signed Thigpen, Smith

Posted by Chris Brown on July 29, 2011 – 9:03 pm

Yes, Brad Smith has rare versatility and yes Tyler Thigpen has a prior working history with Chan Gailey and should get re-acclimated to the offense rather quickly, but there was a bigger reason why Buffalo signed these two quarterbacks.

In addition to being accurate and able to do all the throwing and decision making at quarterback, Thigpen and Smith, much like Ryan Fitzpatrick are very mobile. Having all three quarterbacks cut from the same cloth is a huge plus for an offensive coordinator and head coach Chan Gailey admitted as much.

“That is something Buddy (Nix) and I talked about,” said Gailey. “The more similar you can keep quarterbacks; you don’t have to have different game plans for different people. That is a real advantage for us as an offense. Maybe this year, more so than any other year, that’s an advantage.”

Last year that wasn’t the case for the Bills. Fitz’s backup Brian Brohm wasn’t quite as mobile as Fitz or Buffalo’s two newest signees. Should Fitz have been injured and unable to complete a game last season, play calling would have to change somewhat to accommodate Brohm’s skill set.

With these three QBs in the fold, that won’t be the case thereby preventing the need to have contingency plans at the ready.



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