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Merriman a help with Barnett

Posted by Chris Brown on July 31, 2011 – 6:15 pm

Shawne Merriman talked about helping to recruit free agents to come play for Buffalo. Nick Barnett has played long enough in a 3-4 scheme like Buffalo’s to know if you don’t have a top flight pass rusher life is going to be tough. Knowing he’ll be looking to his right and seeing Merriman there was a good selling point to convince Barnett that Buffalo was a good landing spot for him.

“Definitely a good player,” said Barnett. “I just left Green Bay with Clay (Matthews) on the outside and in this type of scheme you need a guy like that outside. Shawne is definitely one of those beasts outside.”

Knowing Barnett signed a multi-year deal also reinforces to other prospective free agents around the league that vets not only commit to Buffalo, they’re willing to do it long term.

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