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What short offseason pushed back

Posted by Chris Brown on August 4, 2011 – 11:06 am

With a severely shortened offseason (no OTAs, minicamps) the Bills coaching staff had to compress playbook installation somewhat while also being realistic. That’s why head coach Chan Gailey has Sept. 11th as his target date to have all their preparation for the season in. In most cases NFL clubs have all of their material installed and repped one time through by the end of the second preseason game. Of course something had to be pushed back before it’s installed or reviewed in the meetings. Gailey explained what that was.

“What we’re trying to do with that target date is make sure that all of those specialty situations that you’re able to cover in camp, like no timeouts, you’re at the 35-yard line and you need eight more yards to get in field goal range, are covered,” Gailey told “We can get our base offense and base defense and special teams in there, but it’s all that situational football that’s going to be pushed back until after the second and third preseason game. And we’ll have to cover more of that mentally than physically because of the shortened time.”

It’s not surprising that situational football is what was chosen to be pushed closer to the season. Granted they’re important, but as long as players know how to react in some of those situations you’ve got half the battle won. If they actually have time to rep it physically, all the better.

Not to mention the fact that Saturdays during the practice weeks of the regular season is often dedicated to situational football, so it’s something they can continually address as the season wears on.

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